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Kain's 4th of July Party, 1999

Ah, me... what fun! Jim and Ann Kain know how to throw a party, for sure.
Free rides on his Jet Skis, to boot!
Needless to say, a great time was had by all! Thanks, Ann! Thanks, Jim!

Don Parsons Bob Eldridge John Burkhart

Estee, Stony and Jim John and Don

Estee Fetter Stony Fetter Joanna Leonard

Bill Mustard Ann Kain Ann and her chairs

Ann's garage full of chairs Her current project

more chairs Jim and his favorite pastime!

Stony Fetter Jim and his jet ski Betty Gidusko talking to Ann Kain

John G shakily boarding jet ski Last minute instructions from Jim

And there he goes! Jim making waves for John

Wave, dammit!

Willie Parsons and Bea Burkhart The Main Tent -- The Food Tent!

Watching the boat races Stuffing their faces, no less!

More Face-stuffers! Willie and Don Parsons

The Back Porch Jim's Pet Turtle, Ajax!

Ajax found a hole in the cage Behaving himself now

Jim sewing up the hole in the cage Cage all fixed now, Ajax stays put!

John Burkhart and Ajax Betty Gidusko just a-sittin' Likewise Estee Fetter

And a good time was had by all!