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JAVA applet MENU

1. LIBERTY1 Displays the USS Liberty at sunset, with water waving in foreground. Speed of the waves, how they are stretched, strength of waves, etc are adjustable.

2. MOUNTAIN LAKE One beautiful mountain picture with selected portions of running water!

3. BOOKFLIP This displays a picture or a book cover, with additional pictures 'flipped' over the first. There are three different ones. All GIF/JPG files must be same size. Speed, delay, are adjustable.

4. RAINDROP SMALL MAN A raindrop falling on a picture. Position of the drop, other parameters can be varied.

5. RAINDROP BIG MAN Same as above, but a larger size GIF. Seems larger size GIFS slow down the action somewhat.

6. MANY DROPS ON PICTURE Same as above, but with more rain drops.

7. DEFORM with tag A picture is deformed, with a tag line moving over it.

8. FADE 3 PIX Gradually fades three pictures or book covers in and out. Neat.

9. SPIRALIZER Spins a picture.

10. ROTATING CUBE Three pictures or book covers (Could use six) on a rotating cube, with a tag line running thru. Interactive -- control speed, rotation by position of mouse.

11. THREE-D images 3D images, rotating, with large tag line running thru. It takes a little time to load, but is impressive.

12. BLOB A swirling blob, with the tag line moving up thru the graphic.

13. FIRE A fire box, with tag running horizontally thru the graphic.

14. GALAXY A spiralling galaxy. There are eleven... and you get a different one every time. You can, of course, make any one of them the default so that it comes up every time. Tag line appears then zooms in to viewer. Impressive.
(Netscape: Use SHIFT/RELOAD to restart.)

15. HUE ROTATE Rotates the hue in a graphic, horizontal tag line with sine wave angle selectable. This graphic is a book cover which doesn't have much color in it, but pictures with more color are much more impressive.

16. FRACTALS ON ANGELS Spiraling fractals on angels, with a horizontal tag line.

17. LENS Move a magnifying lens around a graphic with the mouse. This picture of nudes was found on a web page and is supposed to have been taken with one of the new Infrared cameras. I don't know -- I haven't yet seen an IR picture taken with one of those cameras -- but it seems to have an awful lot of color for an IR picture.

18. TYPEWRITER SCROLL Typewriter scroll on page, with hyperlinks (these to USS LIBERTY sites).

19. MY FLORIDA HOME Complete with snow!

----- END -----