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Pix taken at Ch. 24 4/1/99

Click on thumbnails to get the big picture

Melinda Sparks clowning around.

Master control switcher position.

John Gidusko into his locker.

John Gidusko slaving his butt off.

Linda showing her Teletubbies. All Linda's pictures came out dark (think maybe there was a finger over the flash).

Linda again. Sorry about not knowing how to use the new camera.

Linda again. We kept trying. Sorry, Linda.

We kept trying to get a good shot of Rick Alexander.

Smile, dammit, Rick!

OK, last chance, Rick!

Chris Wissinger at the camera.

Chris again.

DDD. Director Dave Divis.

The scourge of Florida politics, Pat Duggins!

'Gor Blimey, if that ain't Helen Keeling with a message for her Mum.