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CCS Computers, Inc.
1161 E. Altamonte Dr. Suite 1027
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Phone: 407-339-2927
Fax: 407-339-5276

     Central Floridians are indeed lucky that they have access to one of the best computer shops in the country. We've operated this computer service shop for 15 years and indeed, we've kept up with the technological revolution in the computer industry and the Internet, along with the multiplicity of software programs available.

     We specialize in Networks, Repairs, and Point of Sale. Don't hesitate to call when faced with update problems, decisions on purchasing new equipment or any installation problems you might be facing. Windows 98 is not the easiest program to configure, and we won't talk about NT 4, UNIX and the coming Windows 2000 -- many strange "bugs" WILL pop up! It takes an expert to swat them!

     Our many customers have been exceedingly happy with our reasonable charges. Not too many other shops will charge you for 15 minutes of work when that is all that is required. You won't find our rates matched by too many other shops; and of course, our work is guaranteed -- we stand behind it 100%. Should you be interested, we can provide many excellent references.

      CLICK HERE for a current and easy-to-read map of our location in the northern suburbs of Orlando.

CCS Computers, Inc. is operated by this duo: Alvaro Ramirez is the Technical Manager and does all the work while his wife, Marie Elena is the Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of the Board, and Director of Administration. Alvaro is sometimes on the road, so it would always be a good idea to phone before making a useless trip across town.

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